EPS produces award-winning digital Content and Technology for:
Video Walls,  Touchscreens,  Theaters,  Websites, and Presentations.

We focus on creative solutions and start with the basics:

  1. What is your vision/objective?
  2. What is your story?
  3. Does it involve fundraising or donor recognition?
  4. How frequently does content need updating?
  5. Is the space new construction or remodel?
  6. What is your budget range?

Our creative team listens and takes it from there…Consulting,  Concept Design,  Hardware Selection,  Site Interpretation & Content Development (incl. video production and software programming),  project management, Installation,  Staff Training,  On-Going Maintenance and Online Content Updates.   From simple “install it yourself” touchscreens to sophisticated visitor centers.   Contact us to start the process.   206-780-2500