The Hiram M. Chittenden (aka Ballard) Locks celebrated its Centennial on July 4, 2017.  Today the Locks are the busiest in the nation and a major Seattle tourist attraction but in serious need of repairs and renovation.  For more information go to

Executive Productions (Seattle) partnered with Candela Display Systems to install portable touchscreen kiosks to increase public awareness and support.  Six units are positioned around the site and are frequently updated to provide both educational material (incl. videos) and fund raising progress.


Nebraska’s newest museum (next to Scotts Bluff National Monument on the Oregon Trail) celebrates the lives and tells the stories of High Plains agriculture, communities and people.

Executive Productions (Seattle) teamed up with Exhibit Design Associates (Estes Park, CO) and  Candela Display Systems (Olympia, WA) to produce “Voices on the Prairie Wind” videowall, an orientation gallery for the other displays at the Museum.

Click here to see a video on how the video wall works or go to Candela Display Systems case study for a complete description of installation.

We are currently working on a video of Cattle Ranching and Cowboys to be shown in an old Cowboy “Line Shack”   Click here to see the video.